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how much could you save? How much will you save by switching to a 100% electric Nissan LEAF?

All you have to do is fill in your current car registration to calculate the savings, it's that easy. You'll be surprised by the amount you could be saving and making a difference to the environment too!


Zero % Finance Offer

save with 100% electric nissan leaf

We've done the calculations for your {{table.year}} {{table.make}} {{table.model}} and your results are below. As you can see there's never been a better time to switch to a 100% Electric Nissan LEAF and save. Check out your results below and start planning on what you'd do with €{{table.savingsTotal}} instead!

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Vehicle registration number: {{reg}}
Vehicle producer: {{table.make}}
Vehicle model: {{table.model}}
Year of production: {{table.year}}

This vehicle's fuel type: {{table.isPetrol ? 'petrol' : 'diesel'}}
Fuel cost per litre: {{fuelCost}}
Full fuel consumption description: {{table.fuelDescription}}
Consumption of fuel per 100km: {{table.consumption}} (combined)
Current car fuel cost: {{distance}} / 100 * {{table.consumption}} * {{fuelCost}} = {{table.currentFuel}}
Electric car fuel cost: {{distance}} * €0.01 = {{table.electroFuel}}
Fuel savings: {{table.currentFuel}} - {{table.electroFuel}} = {{table.savingsFuel}}

Tolls current costs: {{table.currentTolls}}
Tolls electric cost: {{table.currentTolls}} - 500 = {{table.electroTolls}} {{table.currentTolls}} / 2 = {{table.electroTolls}}
Tolls savings: {{table.currentTolls}} - {{table.electroTolls}} = {{table.savingsTolls}}

Not showing calculations for motor tax as those are straight-forward

Current car total costs: {{table.currentFuel}} + {{table.currentTolls}} + {{table.currentTax}} = {{table.currentTotal}}
Electric car total costs: {{table.electroFuel}} + {{table.electroTolls}} + {{table.electroTax}} = {{table.electroTotal}}
Savings total: {{table.savingsFuel}} + {{table.savingsTolls}} + {{table.savingsTax}} = {{table.savingsTotal}}
annual current car electric car savings
fuel {{table.currentFuel}} {{table.electroFuel}} {{table.savingsFuel}}
tolls {{table.currentTolls}} {{table.electroTolls}} {{table.savingsTolls}}
motor tax {{table.currentTax}} {{table.electroTax}} {{table.savingsTax}}
total costs {{table.currentTotal}} {{table.electroTotal}} {{table.savingsTotal}}

by going electric, every year, you can save an incredible


So instead of spending €{{table.currentWeekly}} per week, you'll now spend only €{{table.electroWeekly}}.

Thank you! A dealer will be in touch with you shortly.

Thank you! We have emailed you the details of how much you can save when you switch to a Nissan electric vehicle.

but wait, there's even more great savings

Not only will you see a reduction in your daily running costs, you will also avail of the below grants and savings when you purchase a 100% Electric Nissan LEAF.

  • €5,000 VRT Exemption
  • €5,000 SEAI Grant for Private User
  • €600 SEAI Grant for Home Charger
  • Minimal Service Cost (No Engine, No Gearbox, No Oil = minimum 50% on service costs)
  • 0% BIK for Company Car Drivers
  • Accelerated Capital Allowances for Businesses (Allows businesses to offset up to €24K against trading profits in one year)

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